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           We are an academic networking website that provides an array of services to all educational institutions since 2009. Currenlty we are astounding growth in this area . As an affiliate the educational institutions stand to gain from our services through allcampus, registered students can access information of courses, news and events and news letters from the colleges those who are interested.  All institutions can gain information regarding the students those who are interested in the institution. All the registered campus can get the admin area for managing the campus information. All the information can be managed dynamically for the campuses. Campus can manage newsletters via admin area for the subscribers and those who are subscribed the college newsletters. Registered campus will get the daily reports on email regarding the visitors and students those who are interested on the colleges.

 Students who visited the website can access the details of the registered colleges which will be available Excel, PDF or HTML form.

In the college admin area we will provide the report area for the colleges to access the student’s details that will include contact details like email, mobile number or land line number.

Salient feature of allcampus is provision of the instant booking seat options to the students those who   visit    the colleges. They  can book the seat via the ‘book now’ option, once they click on the book now button the corresponding colleges will get the email alert and the campuses can then immediately get back to the student and can proceed with the admission process.

This will not only help the institutions to be ahead in the competition but will also help them to be academically ahead. All the information required for student’s admission to any of the courses provided by the   colleges and universities, in which they are available, can be found in our website allcampus.in. The website aims to provide all facilities to Associates and the various affiliates for campuses.